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10 Great Train Themed Birthday Ideas for Your Kiddo!


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1. Your Ticket to the Party

A fun way to invite your kiddo’s guests is to use a train ticket as the invitation.

2. Train Track Walkway

Train tracks made out of chalk, tape or any other temporary item. The tracks can go anywhere on the floor of your venue or home. The tracks will act as a pathway for guests and will bring them to where all the rest of the fun is!

3. Create a Food Station

Using a play on words, a food STATION is exactly what your party needs. Create a banner and title it “Food Station”. Under the sign, you can have little a “train” of food. Use little bowls or plates and display them as if they were a train. Use labels to identify the foods you are serving and get clever with names! Use names that coincide with the train theme such as “The Coal Car” could be grapes or raisins, “The Produce Car” could have some vegetables for dipping, “The Lumber Car” could be pretzel rods, “Train Wheels” could be sandwich pinwheels, etc. (Pinterest will be a great resource for this)

4. Water Station

It’s always a good idea to serve water bottles at a party. They are easy to carry around, they can close and they’re obviously a good way to stay hydrated. Use a play on words again and create a label for the water bottles that says “Chugga Chugga”. That’s the sound a train makes and it’s also saying to chug the water!

5. Use your child’s name to “brand” the party. For example, you could call the party “The Daniel Express” or “The Joe Express”, etc. You could use this on the invitation tickets, banners, and balloons.

6. Photo Op!

Take a disposable camera or polaroid camera and leave it in an area where kids can take pictures or have their pictures taken. You can go online and look for train party props and use those for the picture area.

7. Have a Choo Choo Race

Decorate a few cardboard boxes to look like little train cars. Give each one their own color and number. Cut out the top and bottom, as this is where the kid’s body and legs will go. Have the kids hold the train car/ box and make them run from one end to the other of the venue. Whoever wins, gets the prize for fastest train!

8. Thank Choo Cards

Word play is very helpful and popular with kid themed parties. Make the thank you cards say, “Thank Choo” and include a little picture of your tyke.

9. Baggage Claim Party Favors

Passengers usually carry bags with them on the train so why not have a little fun and make that the theme to your party favors? Inside, you could include some train toys, treats and the “Thank Choo” cards.

10. Rent a train from The Mini Express

Saving the best for last, every great train themed birthday party needs to have an actual train ride. The Mini Express provides an electronic, trackless train for rent that is sure to wow your guests! They are located in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County areas. Head on over to and book a train for your party!