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3 Origami Train Crafts for Your Train Party


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Everyone loves a good train party, and every train party needs a craft or two. Unfortunately, many of the train-themed craft ideas out there just aren’t enough to hold the attention of the older kid crowd. Most of these crafts are too simple to be a challenge to more mature party goers, leaving them bored and uninterested.

If you are planning a train party for the 9+ crowd, one of the most engaging (and least expensive!) crafts you could pull out of your bag is origami. Origami is both challenging and rewarding, and can be tailored to suit attendees of all ages and abilities.

Below we have listed three different types of origami trains. Any of these would be the perfect activity for your next train party:

  1. Simple Train — Best for younger paper folders, this train is simple enough for little hands, but still fun to make and play with.
  2. Bullet Train — Just a bit more advanced, this bullet train is pretty cool-looking once it’s complete. Try this one for kiddos looking for something a bit more challenging, but not frustrating.
  3. 3D Train — Definitely the coolest of the bunch, this 3D train is ideal for the oldest origami makers out there. The result is an amazing toy every kid would love to have.

No matter which train you decide to make at your party, be sure to provide plenty of markers and other decorations so that each child may make their train interesting and unique.

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