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5 Ideas For a Thomas the Train Birthday Party Your Child Will Always Remember


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Trackless train rentals by The Mini ExpressIt can be difficult to find a party theme that will keep your young child excited from beginning to end, but have you considered a Thomas the train birthday party? Children’s eyes light up when they’re watching Thomas on TV. They sit on the edges of their seats, and happily sing along with the opening and closing songs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture that genuine Thomas excitement for your child’s next birthday party. It’s easy to do with these Thomas the train birthday ideas. 1- Creat a real life train theme with a Mini Express Trackless Train Thomas and his buddies are more than just talking steam engines. They are friends who do useful jobs, carry passengers, teach important lessons, and have lots of fun along the way. When your child and his party guests ride a trackless train, it can bring Thomas and his friends out of their imaginations and into real life. 2- Keep the train theme on track with colorful table decorations Nothing can compete with birthday party train rides, but you can choose colorful decorations that make your Thomas the train theme an even more colorful experience. You’ll find lots of choices at party outlets, toy stores, and online shops.

  • Set the table with Thomas the train plates and napkins.
  • Use tablecloths, place mats and balloons in Thomas’ friend’s colors: Green for Percy, Henry and Emily; red for James; brown for Toby; and blue for Thomas, Gordon and Edward.
  • Make a train centerpiece – Buy a Thomas train set as a gift and lay it out as the centerpiece on the main table. When the party’s over, it will brings back great birthday memories and become one of your child’s favorite toys.
  • Set up a snack train – Place a toy engine at the head of a line of small train cars (dishes) filled with snacks.

3- Make a Thomas cake It’s pretty easy to decorate a Thomas the train cake (hint: start with blue icing). But if you don’t want to or don’t have the time, your local bakery should be able to do it for you. Try train-themed cupcakes for a less messy option. 4- Print out “Thomas and Friends” free party activities Keep your child’s guests busy while they wait for their next train ride. Visit the “Thomas & Friends” Birthday party page to download free train pictures, “tickets to ride,” and birthday cards that kids can color for the guest of honor. All they’ll need are crayons. 5- Give “Thomas & Friends” books as party favors  Give your guests “Thomas & Friends” storybooks instead of traditional plastic party favors. Check online or at your favorite local bookstore for Thomas Golden book titles such as “Day of the Diesels,” “Blue Mountain Mystery,” and “May the Best Engine Win.” These and others sell for five dollars or less. Children and Parents love our trains Mini Express trains are available for rental in Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire. They are all electrical and run without tracks, so they’re safe and convenient for even the biggest party or event. Our trains are handcrafted, colorful. They play kid’s music over their sound systems. And they will keep your little guests excited because they are great big fun. Check out the enthusiastic reviews and customer comments on our Facebook page, and you’ll see that we’ve created many unforgettable birthday memories for children and their families. Contact us and we will do the same for you.