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6 Birthday Party Themes for the Winter


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Hosting a birthday party this winter? Here are some winter birthday party themes that your kid will love.


Kids are still crazy about Disney’s Frozen. Create a Frozen-themed birthday party. Get some Frozen-themed decorations and trinkets. Of course, set aside some time so that all the kids can watch Frozen together.


Penguins are a favorite winter animal. Create an entire birthday party with a penguin-based theme. Use black and white colors. Use penguin-decorated plates and napkins. Set up little penguins all over the place.

Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is most kids’ favorite winter drink. If you want to create a party that is simple, easy, affordable, wholesome, fun, warm and fulfilling, a hot cocoa party is a perfect idea. You can also have the kids bake their favorite cookies together and then eat them together with the hot cocoa.

Book Party

If your kid is more of the quiet and studious type, you can create a book-themed party. Use book-themed decorations. Buy your child their favorite books as a present. Besides book reading, you can also set up various kinds of board games.

Candyland Party

Create a Candyland based party with lots of peppermint and gingerbread. This is also a great idea if your child’s birthday is around the holidays.

Superhero Party

You can also create a party with a superhero theme. For that matter, you can create a theme based on any of your child’s favorite characters.

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