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6 Pool Party Ideas for Young Children


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Do you have a child’s birthday coming up? One way to celebrate is by having a pool party. Here are some great pool party ideas for kids.

Have Plenty of Blow-Up Toys

Get plenty of blow-up toys, including balls, hoops, tubes, rafts, sea mammals, and even blow-up houses and platforms where they can bounce around and have fun. You can have them race each other while riding on blow-up dolphins or tubes.

Throw In Lots of Things

You can fill the pool with all sorts of fun things, depending on their age. A sea of rubber duckies will delight your young children. Ping pong balls are also fun in the water. The kids can play catch with each other.

Have a Water Fight

Water balloon fights are always fun, but they’re even more fun in the water! Prepare a bucket of water balloons that your kids can toss around at each other. You can also prepare water guns for them to squirt each other.

Do a Treasure Hunt

Throw some toy treasure chests and sunken ships under the water. Have the kids hunt for them by picking them up or catching them with toys. Do this in the shallow part of your pool to stay safe and make sure to have experienced supervision.

Have Running Races

Running races are fun in the water. They have all the excitement of a regular running race, with a twist. Let them see if the usual fastest runners will still win underwater!

Get a Party Train

After the kids get tired of swimming, you’ll need another activity for them to do that is both fun and doesn’t require too much physical effort. Renting a party train is a great idea. The kids will love riding around on the train while relaxing from all the exercise. Contact us today for more information.