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train rentals for birthday parties in los angeles county california If you are the parent of a child with a birthday party to plan in the areas of Orange County, Inland Empire, or parts of Los Angeles County, then pay close attention. Forget about the indoor playground party, or the trip to Chuck E. Cheese, where a kid can be a kid, and a parent can be… well, miserable and mostly annoyed. There’s no need to subject yourself to substandard pizza parties and the potential dangers of an abundance of five year olds all trying simultaneously to master climbing a plastic rock wall. Some of them using each other’s heads incorrectly as stepping stones. Forget all that and make one phone call to book an appointment with The Mini Express instead. The Mini Express Train Rentals is a 100% electric, trackless train that is superbly handcrafted and meticulously detailed to everyone’s delight. Children will stare widely in wonder and adults will relish the joy in their child’s expressions when the Mini Express rolls in to their birthday party to take all passengers. The following three quotations are actual reviews from some very satisfied customers. “I had a great experience with Mini Express! We hired them for our son’s 2nd birthday party. Train was a huge hit… they were on time, professional and the kids absolutely loved it!” “We have rented a train from the Mini Express two years running. They are awesome and the drivers are fantastic with the kids.” “We had this for our son’s 5th birthday party. He got on as soon as it arrived and didn’t get off for an hour. All the kids LOVED it! Disneyland right on our street!” More excellent reviews from actual customers are available here. If it’s a picture of the perfectly playful and fabulously fun birthday locomotive you would like to see, then click here for a great slideshow. Do the research, check our reviews, look at the pictures, and examine the surprisingly affordable pricing. Afterwards you’ll be sure that a train rental for your next birthday party is the way to go. When you’re ready to roll, contact us to book an appointment for your next birthday party or other special event. We would love the opportunity to speak with you and chug into your child’s special day!