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Best Reasons to Skip Pool Parties and Choose Birthday Trains Instead


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Let’s face it. Hosting pool parties for kids is hard work. At the very least, it requires lots of adult supervision, water safety equipment, sun protection, first aid supplies and a life guard. Plus, there is always that issue of premise liability insurance to consider. So, why not leave the pool party theme behind this year and choose birthday trains instead?

When you choose birthday trains from The Mini Express, we provide a responsible conductor that will keep a watchful eye on the kids while our safe birthday train is in motion. So that’s one less adult supervisor that you’ll have to worry about bringing on board for the day. And you can also kiss the water safety equipment goodbye too.

In addition, we carry our own liability insurance coverage, which caps out at two million dollars. Consequently, there is no need to spend extra on premise liability coverage unless you really feel that it is necessary. Just think about how much that will save you in terms of worry and party expenditures!

And by the way, your personal information is safe with us as well. At The Mini Express, we make it a priority to handle all birthday train rental requests ourselves by phone, in person or via our secure internet site. Therefore, our customers’ sensitive information remains where it should and not in the hands of potentially unscrupulous, third parties.

Still need more reasons to bypass the pool and choose birthday trains? Think about the chemicals. Pools are traditionally full of them and they have the potential to irritate the kids’ eyes, respiratory system and skin not to mention destroy their clothes. Our birthday trains, on the other hand, are eco-friendly and kept clean. So, the kids and their parents won’t have to worry about experiencing allergic reactions.

Those are just a few reasons why birthday party trains are better than pool parties. To discover more and make your summertime reservations before time runs out, please contact The Mini Express team without delay. We operate in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties.