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Birthday Party Train Rides and California Barbecue: A Winning Pair


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party train rentals in los angeles county Do you plan on bringing the family or neighborhood together in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles or Riverside for a California-style barbecue in the weeks ahead? If so, don’t forget to schedule some wholesome entertainment for all age groups. We’d like to suggest that you choose birthday party train rides for one simple reason, the two go together swimmingly. Our neat as a pin, whisper quiet, eco-friendly trains run on pure electricity. So the only item that will be smoking and sputtering at the get-together is the barbecue grill. Unless of course you plan on serving ghost chilies and smoked cocktails to your California barbecue guests. It’s possible to do that too you know. And don’t let the thought of our birthday party train rides being powered by electricity stop you from booking us for outdoor events. Our beautiful passenger trains are capable of running on flat surfaces, indoors and out. Plus, they don’t require tracks. As such, it’s easy to run them in vineyards, backyards, parks or other flat areas. Expecting a high turnout at your California barbecue? No worries. We have enough on-train seating for either 18 kids or 12 average-size adults at one time. Furthermore, with advance notification, we can make the rides any duration you like and stay on site for more than just a single rental period. Our standard rental periods, by the way, are each 60 minutes in duration. We are sure that you probably have an idea of what you want to serve at your California barbecue in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange or Riverside. So we won’t go there. But we do have other great birthday train party ideas to share. For more information, please check out our earlier blog entries. Then, to ensure that your next California barbecue includes birthday party train rides, please contact us directly.