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Book Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day Train Rentals Before 2016 Begins!


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Although autumn is half over, it’s hard to think about spring. However, that’s exactly what needs to be done if you’re hoping to have train rentals at events in early 2016. After all, scheduling early ensures they’ll be plenty of family friendly entertainment chugging event attendees’ way. Also, the extra time helps when it comes to ordering other event items too (e.g. tables and centerpiece decorations).

In most event situations, a 30 to 45 day leeway is sufficient. So if a Valentine’s or St. Patrick’s Day 2016 train ride is on the agenda, reservations should ideally be made by December 2015 or January 2016. San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties are known for mild winters. As such, it should be relatively easy to find a flat, debris free area either inside or outside of the designated event grounds.

However, it’s recommended to also think about the potential for winter winds and rains. So in general, event areas with asphalt, cement, vinyl tile, laminate or wood flooring tend to be the best because they don’t get muddy. Plus, there is less chance of wind-born debris disrupting the train ride if the flooring is protected by some type of ceiling, side walls or natural wind break.

If high attendance is expected, don’t forget to allow room for a gate or rope system that will keep attendees boarding and disembarking the train rental in line. Otherwise, excited children without their parents present are apt to rush to get on to the train rentals. In the process, they may knock over friends or fall and skin their knees on the flooring. Once the children are on the trains, responsible conductors will ensure their safety.

To ask the conductors pertinent questions and book train rentals for early 2016 events, please contact The Mini Express crew online today. We’re ready to help.