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Creating the Perfect Train Birthday Party


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When your child has an obsession with trains, a train birthday is the fastest way to your child’s heart. From setting up your food table with train-style dishes to displaying decorations that make your child stare in awe, this birthday is your opportunity to go all out and give your child a memory he’ll never forget. Your child’s perfect train birthday will be an amazing occasion for your child and all their guests.

Set up one of our real trains for train rides and pictures. What could be better than riding around in a real, child-sized train? This event could be your child’s favorite part of their birthday.

Arrange a train table for fun, creative play. If your child doesn’t yet have a train table, it could be the perfect birthday present! Set up trains, tracks, and plenty of accessories so that your child and their guests can design a dream ride through their own imaginary town.

Dress your child up like a conductor. You’ll be able to feel the excitement mounting from the moment they get dressed. Don’t forget to remind them that soon, they’ll be on a train themselves!

Create a perfect train cake. Don’t have access to a bakery or prefer to do it yourself, but lack the skills for a perfect cake? Consider designing a cupcake train with an engine at the front, a caboose at the back, and cupcakes in between.

Don’t stop with the cake. You can have train cookies, cut sandwiches out with train cookie cutters, or any of a host of other train-related food ideas. If you get really creative, you can even design a train out of fruit!

However you decide to do it, a train birthday is the perfect way to shower your child with attention and incorporate his favorite toys. If you’re looking for more train birthday ideas, contact us. We’ll set you up with a party train and help you create the perfect party.