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Find a Trackless Train for Train-Themed for Birthday Parties


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Little boys (and little girls) love a Trackless train! Whether it is the sounds they make, the colors of the cars whirring past, or the curiosity of wanting to know what is inside, there is just something about trains that children love! If your child has requested a train theme for their birthday party, what could be better than hiring a ridable train for birthday parties?

The Mini Express is company that rents out trackless, electric trains for use at birthday parties, festivals, and other special events. The units are brightly colored and play children’s music that kids love. Our conductors love what they do and are excited to be at your party! Your child and their friends will shout with excitement when they see the Mini Express at the birthday party.

Besides the train itself, you can continue that train theme throughout the party. Of course, Thomas the Train is a popular train related theme and easy to find at party stores or on Amazon. Party City has a lot of great decorations, favors, and even costumes. If you have a Party City in your area, check your local store. Or you can always find more items on their website.

If you want to have a more DIY approach to your train-themed party, there are lots of ideas on Pinterest. For decoration and a fun play area, you can make a train out of large cardboard boxes. There are many cute food presentation ideas you can find too on Pinterest, like using aluminum cake pans for the cars of a train, filling them with snacks, and putting a toy train engine at the front.

To hire a train for your child’s train-themed birthday party in the greater Los Angeles area, contact us today at the Mini Express.