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Hosting an Intimate Train Party


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Most kids love the chaos that comes along with enormous birthday parties. However, for some children the screaming, laughter, and general overwhelming nature of these parties is a bit too much.

While some of these kids may claim to hate birthday parties in general, many of them are still eager to celebrate their birthdays with friends in a less chaotic setting. If this sounds like your child, why not consider hosting a smaller, more intimate birthday party for them this year?

There are many advantages to smaller parties. These include less prep time, less money spent on cake and favors, the ability to play smaller group games and spend time on more intensely focused activities, and the ability to really connect with every guest.

If this sounds like something your child would enjoy more than the typical large children’s party, and if your child loves trains—as most children do—we have some suggestions for making your party a success.

Train Board Games

Because you will be hosting a smaller number of guests, board games are an ideal way to entertain the kids who attend your party. There are many train-themed board games out there. Some of the best ones include:

  • Chuggington: Let’s Ride The Rails!
  • Dinosaur Train: All Aboard!
  • Ticket to Ride
  • The Polar Express Game
  • Any of the numerous Thomas and Friends games

Train-Painting Activities

With more money to spend on each guest and more time to spend making sure each one understands instructions (and isn’t making a huge mess), painting activities come onto the scene. There are tons of train-painting projects available on the market, but these train banks are especially adorable.

Rent a Party Train

The perfect addition to any party, a kids party train is a great way to round out your child’s intimate train party. Since they are the only guests, your child and their friends will love having the freedom to ride over and over again without ever waiting in line.

If you are ready to book a train for your party, please contact us at The Mini Express today!