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Ideas for Hosting Winter Holiday Fundraisers with Trackless Trains


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trackless train rentals los angeles Each winter, many organizations opt to hold holiday fundraisers that feature the North Pole’s most familiar faces. As such, all of the events start to look the same after a while. To avoid that scenario, we’d suggest renting a trackless train and utilizing one of the following party ideas: Santa Train Treats Santa train lollipops and cookies would be ideal additions to a trackless train party. You could either hand out the holiday treats as part of the event’s admission fee or sell them separately. Companies that manufacture holiday train confectionery molds include Country Kitchen Sweetart and Wilton. Holiday Trackless Train Music We’d also suggest that you contemplate adding Santa train themed music to your event. Some of the holiday songs that would work well for such an occasion are Santa Train by Patty Loveless and Old Toy Trains by Roger Miller. Both are suitable for trackless train party guests of all ages. Snowfall Machines/Snowballs Depending on the venue’s rules, an eco-friendly snowfall machine and imitation snowballs would pair well with a holiday trackless train event too. You could use them to help add a festive air to your train party. One company that sells and rents the machines in California is SnoWonder. As far as the imitation snowballs go, we’d suggest using large cotton or Styrofoam balls. Of course you could also choose to hand out or sell snowball cotton candy. The candy is readily available through retailers that specialize in novelty items. Those are just a few Santa train fundraising ideas. To uncover more and secure a trackless train for your winter fundraiser, please contact us as soon as possible. Our party train rental calendar is filling up fast and we really feel bad when we have to tell people that we’re sold out. Advance trackless train reservations may be made by calling (714) 404-1894. When you do call, just keep in mind that we currently serve the Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County areas.