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Librarians Are Booking Train Party Rentals for Thanksgiving Recess 2015 Now


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Is your library planning a Thanksgiving recess event for the kids? Don’t forget about Steve Metzger and Jim Paillot’s, Scholastic approved, children’s book. Titled, The Turkey Train, it’s a seasonal treat that compliments train party rentals like cornbread stuffing goes with cranberries. The story even includes additional activities that could be incorporated into the children’s library day.

Let’s take the good-natured, snowball fights mentioned in the story as examples. Large balls of cotton could be placed on the seats of our party trains for the kids to find as they hop on for a ride. At the end of their little train party trip, they could try to toss the cotton balls at paper bag turkeys filled with popcorn. The kid to get his or her snowball closest to the turkeys could be given the honor of “carving open” the bird.

Once the bird is cut open, the kids could share the popcorn with the rest of the library party patrons. And if there are guests in attendance who are too little for popcorn, library staff could hand out Ziploc baggies filled with Nabisco’s Zwieback Toast instead. The kids could pretend that the toast pieces are turkey wings or drumsticks. Of course there are other turkey snacks the staff could choose to use during the train party too.

Train party rentals for Thanksgiving recess in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino are hot this year. And quick-thinking librarians are already making their reservations. So, you should as well. A small deposit will ensure that all of the excited, little, Turkey Train fans have their chance to reenact parts of the story and bookings for November 2015 are being made now. So when you’re ready to reserve train party rentals for Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles County library locations, please contact The Mini Express.