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Party Train Rentals Help Make Easter Events Fun for All Involved


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In no time at all, Peter Cottontail will be visiting Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in anticipation of Easter. So, why not help him interact with all of his adoring fans by booking party train rentals from The Mini Express? Our eco-friendly party trains are as festive as a basket full of colored eggs. They feature multi-colored box cars, friendly looking engines and built-in sound systems that could be used to play Easter songs during family friendly rides around the venue of your choice. And remember, our party trains are trackless. As such, they can go just about anywhere there is a flat, smooth surface. We’ll provide an amiable, dapper conductor to drive the train and escort the kids on their ride. Consequently, you might want to hire a few people to dress up as Peter and his helpers. They can stand near the train station and hand out plastic Easter eggs and bunny ears to keep the kids entertained while they wait for their next ride. Keep in mind that roughly 18, average-size children can fit into the train’s box cars at one time. Thus, the lines tend to move rather quickly at large events. So, there is no need to set up a lot of extra diversions. A $100 deposit and advance reservations will ensure that your Easter event has the best party train and professional conductor in all of Orange County, Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. They’ll be on premise and keeping the kids busy for an hour unless you request that they stay on longer. But don’t wait until the last-minute to make those types of requests. Otherwise, you and the children may end up disappointed when we have to politely decline due to other commitments. To learn more and ensure that the kids will have their train rides with Peter, please contact us today. Online reservation requests are always welcome.