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Anyone who has lived in Los Angeles understands the meaning of “gridlock.” The daily commute to and from work is nothing short of exhausting. If you’re lucky enough to have a train station close to your place of employment, chances are the Metrolink commuter train has become yourbest friend, even though it probably means your new source of stress has become racing to catch trains every morning and evening.

Happily, there is an entirely different type of train running in Los Angeles; one that instills nothing but joy! In contrast to the Metrolink, the Mini Express doesn’t require a ticket, a schedule, or even a track! Our colorful, handcrafted party  trains are built to run wherever you need them. More importantly, they are built to inspire delight in children, and have been doing so for over 10 years.

Constructed to meet the strict requirements needed to operate in shopping malls, we guarantee safety, cleanliness, and professionalism. Trains are serviced weekly to ensure they meet all standards, mechanically as well as cosmetically. With the choice of indoor or outdoor operation, we can help you celebrate your event wherever you choose.

Whether you’re hosting a child’s birthday party, planning a school carnival, or simply need some entertainment for a fund-raiser, the Mini Express party trains are a unique and affordable option. The beautiful Los Angeles weather is ideal for outdoor activities, and a ride on one of our electric trains through the park or along the boardwalk is a memory your child will cherish forever.

If you’ve been looking for something different and exciting to add to your event, contact us for details. We look forward to helping you create beautiful memories.