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Party Trains in Los Angeles Help Fans of Chester the Cricket Celebrate


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Is your child a fan of George Selden’s story, “The Cricket in Times Square?” If so, reserving party trains in Los Angeles may help make his or her birthday a success. Remember, the beloved story includes a train. As a matter of fact, it shows up several times in the tale and has ties to the main character, Chester the cricket.

To blend the party train into the theme even further, set up an area that resembles the Bellini’s newsstand. Hang up copies of newspapers printed on the day of the birthday boy or girl’s arrival and let the kids make their own newsletters.  Then let them board the party train with their homemade newspapers in hand.

In addition, consider buying plastic or rubber crickets from a local toy store. Our conductors could help you place them inside of the party train’s cars before the kids hop on. They could pretend that the toy crickets are Chester and his family. We may even be able to pipe cricket sounds through the train’s speakers if you’d like. After the ride, the kids could take the toy crickets and homemade newspapers home as birthday party souvenirs.

Party trains in Los Angeles are available for “The Cricket in Times Square” themed events year round. However, they must be reserved as far in advance as possible. So if you want to host an event in the spring, now is the time to call or make arrangements online with our team. It will also give you time to order those toy crickets and newspaper related supplies. Plus, you’ll be able to prepare all of the other materials needed for your child’s special celebration.

To learn more about booking party trains in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino or Orange County and how they fit in with various children’s themes, please contact us.