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Rent a Party Train in Los Angeles for the Fourth of July


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Fourth of July is a special day of the year. People all over the U.S. celebrate the freedom of our country. It is also a day steeped in tradition for many people. Watching fireworks, events at the park, and attending a barbecue are all very common. But if you live in Los Angeles, you have the opportunity to start a fun new Fourth of July tradition for the children in your neighborhood, at your church, or local park. If you are in charge of throwing a Fourth of July event that will be attended by families and children, check out the party train in Los Angeles from the Mini Express.

The Mini Express is the only trackless, electric train to rent that will help make your Fourth of July party a total success. Let the kids at your event have memories from the Fourth of July of eating kettle corn, getting their faces painted, playing carnival games, and riding the Mini Express. Our trains are totally innovative because they are electric. Our competitors all run on gas, so you are dealing with gas fumes and environmental concerns. Plus, our electric design makes it possible for the Mini Express to operate inside. In fact, a number of our trains operate in shopping malls around the country.

Add a new tradition to your Fourth of July festivities. Children love trains and they will have another fun activity to add to the things to look forward to on the Fourth of July when you incorporate the Mini Express party train into your event. Contact us today to reserve a train for your event.