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Reserve A Trackless Train For Your Los Angeles County Summer Parties


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trackless train rentals
trackless train rentals.
Summer is here, and you know what that means! Los Angeles County schools have let out, and the kids are excited to be free from math and science for yet another summer. Like most families, your family probably has lots of big plans over the next few months. And like many families, you probably have a few outdoor parties you’re planning on hosting or attending. If your kids are like most, the regular outdoor games are fun for a while, but they can get a little boring. This year, why not surprise the kids at your next outdoor get together with your family or friends with a trackless train? Our train is tons of fun for kids, and parents will enjoy watching their kids ride it, time and time again. When you choose The Mini Express to provide the entertainment for the kids at your events, you won’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll have a good time. Our staff is incredibly professional. We will arrive at the site of your get together early so that we have enough time to assemble the train. It’s our goal to be ready to take passengers as soon as they start showing up. We love to see the looks on the kids’ faces when they arrive, thinking that they’re attending another boring party where they’ll have to endure countless cheek pinches and comments from well-meaning relatives (“My, how tall you’ve gotten since I’ve seen you last!”). It’s hard to get the kids to take a break long enough to enjoy their lunch, and we enjoy every minute of what we do. The cost of your train rental includes a conductor too, so there’s never any surprises when it comes to rental fees. Are you ready to make your reservations for the summer? Contact us today!