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Ring in the New Year with Trains


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2016 is almost over, and that means it’s almost time to ring in a new year! What better way to help the kids in your life welcome 2017 than with an amazing train party? Now is the perfect time to begin planning the New Year’s Eve party your kids will never forget, and we’re here to help.

There are too many train-themed snacks, games, and crafts to even begin listing them all in one article. Therefore, we have put together a few that we thought would be perfect for ringing in the new year.

DIY Train Calendars

For some awesome crafting fun, why not give your guests a chance to make their very own train-themed 2017 calendars? These DIY calendars are perfect for bringing out the creative side of people. Offer plenty of train photos, clip art, stamps, stencils, and stickers, and watch as your young guests create masterpieces of their own.

Memory Train Game

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for looking back on the past year and reflecting on memories, both good and bad. This memory train game is the perfect way to do just that.

Before the party:

  • Create bingo-style game boards for each player. Fill each square on the board with a small photo of a favorite memory, making sure the memories overlap from one board to the next, and no board has two of the same memory. Also, make sure that the boards are all unique.
  • Put one copy of each memory photo into a drawing bucket.

At the party:

  • Give one board and a handful of train car cutouts to each player.
  • Have one person draw memory photos from the bucket and show them to the players. If a player has that memory, he or she covers the memory with a train car cutout.
  • The first player to fill and entire row or column with cars has created a memory train and is the winner.

Party Train

Of course, no train-themed party is complete without a kids party train. Your guests will be beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to ride in a train that is just their size, and you will have a wonderful time watching as they enjoy themselves, ride after ride.

If you are ready to schedule a train to visit your party, please contact us today at The Mini Express. We would love to help make your New Years party a special one.