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Hi! I’m Jesse the receptionist at The Mini Express Train Rentals.  I would like to address some of the frequent questions that are asked when folks make their reservation. The Mini Express has always tried to offer our customers the best service at the best possible price. 90% of the customers who call us, compare our prices with other companies.  I am a firm believer that the customer is entitled to accurate information to make the best possible decision. Our prices are very competitive but the biggest difference between us and other companies is the actual product you are renting.  We only offer electric units, these units have been exclusively designed for the purpose of having a product of the highest quality and above all SAFETY. 90% of our competitors have units that are pulled by tractors lawnmower, this not only makes too much noise but also releases chemicals from the gasoline burned. I say let the lawnmower be used for what  they were initially intended for.  The Mini Express only rents units that were originally intended to provide thousands of smiles to our customers. The fact that we only have 100% electric units also means that we have zero units with noise pollution.  In exchange for this, we can play the birthday girl or boy’s favorite music. I could go on and on comparing the details as to why electric is better than gas but I would have to do it on another occasion. I would like to remind you that if you would like more information about our company please contact us at 714-404-1894 or on our website at Until next time.