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Thomas the Train Birthday Ideas: Tips for Planning a Trackless Event


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Thomas The Train Birthday Ideas California families with avid Thomas the Train fans in their mist should take note. There is a great, affordable way to incorporate your loved one’s interest into a memorable birthday event. It’s none other than our 100% electric trackless trains. They are ideal for use at a variety of events in Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange Counties. With that said, here are a few of our Thomas the Train birthday ideas to help you get on the track to party success: Thomas the Train Birthday Ideas: Songs & Games Why not start out the birthday party with songs from the popular PBS show? There are multiple audio CDs available that would be perfect for use at your loved one’s trackless train birthday party. One of them is Thomas’ Songs & Roundhouse Rhythms. It contains the song, Let’s Have a Race. You could play the song and ask the kids participate in a balloon relay race prior to getting onboard the trackless train. Thomas the Train Birthday Ideas: Balloon Train Centerpieces Depending on the age of the children, you may want to create balloon train centerpieces too. There are instructions for making balloon train centerpieces readily available online. All you’ll need in order to make them are a few bags of Qualatex 260Q and a box of Sharpie markers. Once the balloon trains are made, you could affix them to florists’ foam or the tables themselves with double-sided tape. That way, they are less likely to blow off of the tables during the party. Thomas the Train Birthday Ideas: Cupcake Train Worried about having to purchase a large amount of party plates? Don’t be. You could always forgo the sheet cake and use individual cupcakes instead. There are many companies that make trackless train cupcake holders. The holders look like train cars and are designed to be placed in a row. Thus, you could set up a round banquet table to look like train tracks and then place the cupcakes onto the tracks. When it comes time for dessert, they kids could just head over to the table and grab a birthday train cupcake. Later, any leftover birthday train cupcakes could be frozen or given away to others. Those are just a sampling of the Thomas the Train birthday ideas that we have to offer those who book our trackless trains. To book one of our trackless trains and discover more Thomas the Train birthday ideas, please contact us. We’d also like to encourage you to visit us on PinterestYouTubeFacebook andflickr.