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Three Reasons to Choose Mini Express for Party Train Rentals in Los Angeles


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Electric party trains are a wonderfully unique attraction to entertain kids of all ages, not just as birthday parties, but also at festivals, shopping malls, or any other event where kids will be looking for entertainment.

Sure, dunk tanks and bouncy houses are great, but nothing compares to the awe in a child’s eyes when they see one of the colorful and expertly crafted, trackless electric trains from Mini Express roll into the party station. That look in their eyes is reason enough to book a rental for your next kid-friendly event, but the following are three more great reasons to choose The Mini Express:

  1. Trust – Whenever you book an appointment with us, you can be sure that The Mini Express is the only train you’ll see at your party. Some of our competitors are nothing more than a reservation company, who will assign your train rental to another provider. This leaves you with no idea of what kind of train, personnel, or service you’ll be getting. That’s not how we do it though. We don’t overbook and we’re not just a reservation company, so we guarantee that we won’t send anything but one of our trains to your event. Not only that, you can also trust that we’ll show up on time and provide the best service possible every time.
  2. Eco-friendly – Most competitive train rentals in the Los Angeles area are run with gasoline powered tractors pulling a train with no engine. That’s great if you want a lawn mower at your event. Our trains, however, are 100 percent electric and incapable of cutting any grass. So, not only do we provide great fun for everybody, but we also do it in an environmentally responsible manner. Now, all you have to do to keep your event eco-friendly is make sure everybody throws their drink cups and popcorn boxes in the trash when they’re done.
  3. Affordability – The Mini Express is competitively priced to just about any other form of kid-friendly entertainment. There’s a one-hour minimum fee in most service areas, but subsequent hours are significantly discounted.

The Mini Express is fun, affordable, eco-friendly and much more. For a listing of all the other benefits and for a link to book one, please contact us here today.