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Tips for Planning a Company Picnic with Party Trains in California


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the mini express at the la fitness grand opening These days, an increasing amount of companies are opting to host corporate picnics with a family-friendly theme. So with prime picnicking season stretched out before us, we wanted to share our tips for planning the perfect party train picnic. Each one is ideal for corporate picnics geared towards mixed age groups. 1.) Choose a Location with Built-in Services Once your executive team has picked a date for the company picnic, you’ll clearly need to compile a list of potential venues. We’d recommend choosing group picnic locations that have built-in features like paved parking lots, stationary charcoal grills, picnic tables, water fountains, shade pavilions and restrooms. Then pick one venue with enough flat terrain for a great party train ride. 2.) Reserve an Electric Party Train Next, call The Mini Express office and reserve a 100% electric, trackless party train for at least three to four hours. That should give picnic attendees enough time to arrive, get settled in and enjoy at least one party train ride. You’ll also need to contact your company’s accounting office and submit a request for funds. Once they give you the funds, pay the advance deposit to shore up the party train reservations. 3.) Order Enough Party Train Picnic Supplies Continue by ordering enough party train picnic supplies for all of the firm’s employees and invited family members. Picnic supplies to consider securing are railroad track table runnerstrain gummy fun packs for the kids, train party lights and train cake pans. 4.) Establish a Party Train Picnic Menu Afterward, you’ll want to draw up a party train picnic menu. Consider using the train cake pans to make molded pate, potato salad and gelatin as well as giant ice cubes for the punch bowls. Of course they may also be used to make party train cakes for the picnic too.                                                         To discuss these company party train picnic tips further and make your reservations, please contact us at (714) 404-1894 today. We currently provide service to picnic locations in Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties.