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The past weekend The Mini Express Trackless birthday train rentals had the opportunity to be at an event organized by the Santa Ana city library. Santa Ana, California  is located in Orange County. This event was organized by the management team at the library.  The event’s  aims was to help and encourage reading for all children who frequently attend the library. The event began at 10 am and the organizers had plenty of activities for all children present.  Aside from the Mini Express, they also had a puppet show and giant slides for all children to enjoy free of charge. There was also plenty of food booths representing different countries like China, Mexico, El Salvador just to name a few. The Mini Express operated for a period of 4 hours and our driver Warner estimated that approximately one thousand people rode The Mini Express.  This confirms once more that The Mini Express will always be a hit at any community event. The Mini Express would like to extend a big thanks to all the organizers of this great event.  We can’t wait to do it again next year. If you want more information about our service please call 714-404-1894 or visit our website