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Hey! How’s it going.  This is your friend Jesse the receptionist at The Mini Express, a company that specializes in trackless train rentals for birthday parties and special events.  Today we’ll talk about planning for parties in public parks and/or locations that belong to an association. It’s hard to believe that spring is with us, it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the new year. This time of year is precisely the time when we have to prepare for the peak season of our business.  This means inspecting all of our trains and making sure they are mechanically ready.  The summer will certainly be upon us faster than we think. It is also the time when many parents begin planning their parties in public parks or any open outside location.  Open areas allow people to  accommodate jumpers, water slides and of course a trackless trains to name just a few attractions. It is important to advise our current and future customers that because demand is much higher during the summer months, we recommend you book your trackless train at least 5 weeks out.  If your planning your party in a public park, you specially need to  make the 5 weeks out a must.  This will ensure that you have the appropriate amount of time needed to file the required paperwork with your city hall.  The Mini Express can certainly help facilitate the process of booking your event in any public park or a park that belongs to any association as long as we have enough time to process all necessary permits.  The Mini Express can serve any park located in Los Angeles county, Orange county, Riverside county and San Bernardino county. If you have any questions feel free to call us during business hours at 714-404-1894 or visit our website Until next time!