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trackless train rentals for birthday partyOne of the most memorable events a family can experiences is a family reunion.  At this occasion there will be great grandparents, grandparents, parents and lots of children.  It can be a memorable time made even more special with an opportunity to ride in The Mini Express trackless train. Imagine the expressions on the faces of young children when they see the The Mini Express train arrive at the family reunion.  There will be a conductor operating a brightly colored train with fun-looking passenger cars behind it. Grandparents can share train stories with their grandchildren.  Adults can have a fun experience with their children.  The Mini Express has been made so it can accommodate 18 kids or 12 adults per ride. Is the family reunion being held at someone’s home?  Will it take place at a building that is central to most of the family?  Parents and children can get in The Mini Express train and experience train travel around the outside of a building or any area that has a sufficient amount of asphalt or cement.  It is guaranteed to capture the attention of neighbors or anyone in the area who sees it. Like renting any other type of entertainment for an event, there is a security deposit required for all trackless train rentals.  It is recommended that anyone who wants to have The Mini Express at their event, book it at least 45 days ahead of time.  There is a cancellation policy explained in detail on the FAQ section of their website.  The company does carry liability insurance. Family reunions or any other events being held in Orange County and some parts of Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire can experience The Mini Express. Contact The Mini Express today.  They can make fun train travel possible for all children and adults at your next family reunion or special event.