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  Last Easter Sunday the Mini Express trackless train rentals had the opportunity to extend our services at the Langham Hotel in the city of Pasadena located in Los Angeles county, California.The hotel hosted a special event for all guests who stayed there for the weekend. The mini express was present for 4 hours, and within those four hours we were giving free rides to all children and parents that attended the celebration. In addition to the mini express there were other activities for the children.  They had everything from the traditional Easter bunny and Easter egg hunt to a petting zoo!! There was plenty of entertainment for everyone to enjoy!Undoubtedly,  it was a very special celebration and a lot fun for all the children in attendance.  We want to thank the entire staff at the Langham hotel for their kind attention.  We hope to be a part of this great celebration once again next year.  If you would like more information on how to rent the Mini Express for your private event in Southern California you can call 714-404-1894 or visit our website at Until next time!