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Train Rentals Bring in the People at Orange County 5K’s and Mud Runs


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The newest trend is raising money for charities through 5K races and mud runs. It’s a win-win situation because there are so many people who love to participate in these events, and the organizations that raise the funds are well-deserving. These races have gotten so popular that there are usually several every weekend in Orange County, so runners and outdoor enthusiasts have no problem finding one. You can make yours stand out by renting a trackless train.

These races have not just become fundraisers, but have evolved into family-friendly events. At one time, just the runners showed up, ran, and left, but now families and friends come, hang out, watch the event, and participate in the entertainment aspects. It’s not unusual to have inflatables, climbing walls, food trucks, and games at these events that keep runners and others hanging out for hours. In fact, many runners now choose what runs they want to participate in based on the “extras” because they know some races offer more than others.

This is one of the reasons a trackless train rental is the perfect idea for your 5K, mud run, or obstacle course. We bring the train, set it up, and even provide the driver. All we need is some open space on flat land (pavement works best). Adults and children can ride, and both will have a blast riding our electric train.

When planning recurring events, it’s always important to do something new and different. When people know you are going to make the event better every year, they will plan on coming back without question. If you have a road race or other similar event coming up for your organization, reserve a trackless train. Make sure you let everyone know on social media that we will be there, and we are sure you will have a great turnout. For more information about train rentals, contact us.