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With summer time finally here, the festival season has also arrived.  From concerts to food focused events, the perfect addition to all of it for your event goers is a party train rental.  A party train is a fun addition for the families that come out to soak in the sun and enjoy a fun outing together. Every child will enjoy the brightly colored seats and want to go for a ride again and again.

The party train is a great way for parents and children to have a fun experience together.  Little ones will love the ride, that is completely safe and the parents will love watching their child’s genuine excitement.  Plus, it’s a great way to give the parents the festival extra time to check out more booths, buy some more swag or enjoy the main entertainment while their little one takes another turn on the train that is just for them!  We also play children’s songs on a top of the line sound system to provide even more fun.  Plus, adults can join in on the party too because they can also ride in the mini express train.

At Mini Express we specialize in trackless train rentals; all of the units are 100% electrical (not gas operated) and are uniquely handcrafted.  With the beautiful weather and a number of festivals on the horizon, a train rental is what no one will expect, but everyone will enjoy. Contact us to schedule a train rental for your next festival or event in Orange County to make it a truly unique, and ultimately, memorable experience for everyone.