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Train Rentals for February Birthday Parties: 3 Fun Ways to Spread the Love


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train logo square   Train rentals for February birthday parties are currently still available through The Mini Express. So make your reservations now and dust off your copy of The O’Jays hit single, Love Train. It’s time to invite all of your children’s train loving friends over to the house or nearby banquet hall and spread good feelings all around. Here’s a look at three ways to make February birthday train parties extra special: 1.) Serve Train-Shaped Pizza It’s no secret that a lot of kids love pizza just as much as they love trains. So why not borrow the train-shaped pizza recipe from It’s a Keeper and watch the kids burst into fits of ooey-gooey oohs and aahs? Serve it on train clad party plates alongside of a big, heaping bowl of trenne pasta and meat sauce. The three-sided pasta is fun to eat, plus its name means “train” in Italian. Now that’s a party menu with a whole lot of train inspired amore! 2.) Heart Train Photos While the kids are taking a ride, snap some digital photos and throw together a love train souvenir in time for their departure. You’ll find graphics that could be used to make the heart train frames posted on sites like FeaturePics and CraftyGreet. Just print the graphics out onto cardstock and attach the kids’ pictures to the center of the card with self-adhesive photo corners and Viola! You’ll be providing a lovely keepsake for all of the train fans that made it a point to show up to your kids’ party. 3.) Conversation Hearts Train Afterward, surprise the kids even more by giving each of them conversation hearts trains. To make the trains, simply buy individual boxes of conversation hearts candies. Then use royal icing to attach four Necco Wafers to each one. The wafers can represent the train’s wheels. Oh, and by the way, you could also use small packages of Necco Wafers to represent the party train’s smoke stack. To learn more about train rentals for birthday parties in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties, please contact us today. We can help you make every train party special, regardless of what month it’s expected to take place.