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Train Rentals for Kids Birthday Parties Provide a Surefire and Unique Hit


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Trackless train rentals by The Mini Express Once upon a time… a kid’s birthday party involved cake and ice cream. Maybe if the child was from an especially privileged background, the party would feature a clown. Problem with the clown thing is that depending on the age group that the party is for, the clown either creeped out most of the kids to the point of tears. Or if it was an older age group, the clown bored the kids to tears. Often times, this particular situation could lead to the clown himself being brought to tears. Fast forward to the 21st century, and suddenly kids birthday parties can feature anything from laser tag and bouncy houses to rock walls and dunk tanks. Where was this stuff when I was a kid, you ask? Hard to say, but I know that I would have much rather had the opportunity to dunk the neighbor who was always yelling at me for walking my dog in his yard, than have a clown make me a lame poodle out of a balloon. So, we’ve seen the dunk tanks. Laser tag is always fun for a little while, but nobody really ever admits to being hit, and the games just drone on basically forever. Of course, bouncy houses seem so passe. What if you want your kids birthday party to really standout? How about renting a trackless and 100% electrically powered train?! Train rentals for birthday parties are virtually guaranteed to make you officially the coolest and super most unbelievably awesome mom or dad on the planet! Start printing the mugs now because if you do rent a trackless train for your child’s birthday party you are a lock for #1 mom or dad honors this year. Electric trackless trains are absolutely perfect for birthday parties. The Mini Express, servicing Orange County, Inland Empire, and parts of Los Angeles County, specializes in trackless train rentals, which are 100% electrical, handcrafted, and detailed to a spectacular level of color, design, and style that is sure to please. For a birthday party that beats any dunk tank, bouncy house, clown, or any combination thereof; contact us today. We would love to hear from you!