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Train Rentals in Orange County Make Planning Your Easter Egg Hunt Simple and Easy


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All things Easter are just around the corner, and that means many people are trying to throw together an Easter Egg hunt for their community, church, or organization. To make the event a success, consider train rentals in Orange County.

At first glance, an egg hunt sounds like a simple endeavor. Simply fill some plastic eggs with candy, throw them around, and let the kids go find them. The only problem is, the actual hunt only takes a few minutes, and then what? Families come out to these events expecting more than a five minute activity, and you have to come up with something to entertain them.

There are many ideas such as crafts, face-painting, or carnival games, but all of these things take people and preparation. One of the best things to add to your event is a trackless train. If you’ve got a flat surface, kids will love the opportunity to take a ride on a train before or after the egg hunt.

A train rental requires no work from you. We bring it to your event, set it up, and even drive the train for you. Our quiet, 100% electric, colorful train will attract children more than the sugar stuffed in the eggs. Between the fun ride and the music playing through our great sound-system, kids will never want the day to end.

Event-planning doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. If you’ve got an upcoming Easter egg hunt scheduled, simply add in a train ride for a memorable and fun event. Include a visit from the Easter Bunny himself, and children will be already talking about coming back next year.

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