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Train Rentals Make First Night Celebrations Better Than Ever


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pta train rentals Although it initially started in 1975 as a strictly New England event, in the years that followed, many places soon joined suit. Now family friendly First Night celebrations are all the rage and we think that’s absolutely wonderful. Oftentimes, businesses and families in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County that host such events invite us to join in on the fun. So we’re encouraging anyone hoping to hold a First Night celebration in 2015, to secure their train rentals now, before w e run out of open time slots and have to start turning people away. Please note that all of our emissions free train rentals are by the hour and we already have liability insurance in place. Therefore, we are more than happy to provide train service in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange and Riverside County parks or other public spaces. Plus, planners can count on our team to setup, breakdown and drive the train. So as far as the train rides go, no temporary help on the day of the event will be needed. Of course whether or not planners opt to hire additional staff to help with other First Night activities is entirely up to them. It’s also worth mentioning that our trains come equipped with a sound system but it’s not powerful enough to overcome the din of live concerts. Thus, it may be best to have us setup the trackless trains away from the main stage or mini concert platforms. Just please allow our conductors enough flat, debris free surface area to safely negotiate the trains around the First Night grounds and handle all setup/breakdown tasks. To ask questions and find out if our train rentals are right for your 2015 First Night celebrations please contact us today. And remember, we can also provide train rentals for all of the special days expected to follow.