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Train-Themed Party Snacks


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No train party is complete without an array of snacks. There are a few snacks that are easy to adapt to a train party, especially if you have a train-shaped cookie cutter. Sandwiches, for instance, are easy to cut into shapes, and cookies can offer a fun cookie-decorating activity for kids. Beyond these simple ideas, though, coming up with train-themed party snacks can be a bit tricky, so we’ve put together a few suggestions for you.

Melon trains. Slice melons into inch-thick slabs. Use a cookie-cutter to make melon trains. Offer edible decorations, like grapes, balled melons, nuts, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, shredded carrots, or berries, so kids can trick out their melon trains.

Train engine. The possibilities here are endless. You can use fruit or veggies attached with toothpicks. You can use sandwiches, pretzel sticks, and pretzel wheels cemented together with peanut butter. You can even use candies, with hot glue or blobs of frosting for glue.

Snack train cars. First make your train tracks with black electrical tape on a plain tablecloth. Use small boxes to create the train cars – small foil leftover boxes, small shoeboxes, or favor boxes might work well. Use paints, tissue papers, or construction papers to decorate the boxes – don’t forget the wheels! Then get creative and fill the cars. Consider blueberries or olives for coal, straight pretzels for logs, and animal crackers for an animal car.

Cupcake train. If you don’t have a train cake tin, go with cupcakes. Start out with a track made of electrical tape and disposable tablecloth, just like any other snack train, but use cupcakes for the cars. Choose your cupcake liners carefully. Alternating solid colors might work well. Attach wheels (like construction paper circles or round cookies) with toothpicks or a blot of frosting. Use a toy train engine to lead your cupcakes.

Your kids will love chowing down on train-themed snacks after riding around on the Mini Express.