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Train Unit Study For Homeschoolers


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Almost all young children are fascinated by trains. Why not take advantage of this fascination and use it to promote education. More and more homeschool co-ops are jumping on the unit study train, and your co-op could jump on board as well by starting your new learning adventure with a train unit study.

Here are a few books for you to begin building a unit study your students are sure to love.

All Aboard! How Trains Work — This little book is packed with facts about the history of trains and what makes them run. If you are interested in introducing your students to the inner workings of trains, this is a fantastic starting point.

Train: The Definitive History — This book is absolutely gorgeous and packed full of lovely photographs and a very detailed history of trains, beginning with the very first steam engine and leading up to the incredibly speedy trains of today. This book is a perfect way to add some history to your unit study, and though the younger crowd may need you to read to them, they will almost certainly find it just as interesting as those in the older age groups.

The Big Book of Trains — A large and well-put-together reference book, The Big Book of Trains is an awesome collection of photographs and facts your students are sure to become absolutely engrossed in as soon as they open it.

How Steam Engines Work — Want to learn more about the inner workings of a steam locomotive? This 5-minute video breaks it all down quite nicely and is short enough to hold the attention of even the youngest student.

Ticket to Ride — For a great way to add some math to your study, order the Ticket to Ride board game. This game is an absolute blast. It’s so fun, in fact, that your students may not want to do anything else in class. It is recommended for ages 8 and up. However, if you are working with a younger group, you can order the junior version of the game, Ticket to Ride: First Journey.

Make these ideas your starting point and build on the unit study from there. If your students seem particularly interested in a particular train-related topic, explore that subject deeper. When you feel you have finished your study, celebrate by bringing in a party train for the whole class.

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