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Every time children walked into a mall, the first thing they wanted to do is find the play area and to ride the train.  What child doesn’t love trains?  Whether it is Thomas Trains and Friends or watching an old steam engine train fly by, kids love trains.

Preparing for a birthday party is stressful.  You love your children and want to celebrate their day in a unique and special way.  The competition for having the “best” birthday party is intimidating.  Looking at all of the websites for creative birthdays can cause headaches and more pressure.

Why not try something fun and different?  Renting trains for birthday parties is just the unique idea that you’ve been looking for.  Your children will be the most popular kids on the block, and have the best stories to tell at school about their birthday.  Just imagine all of your closest friends and family watching your child open his/her presents, when a train conductor rolls up to your property and invites everyone for a ride as a birthday celebration.  Your party will never be forgotten.

Children love riding trains in the malls as well as playing with trains on their bedroom floors.  They read about them as children, say choo choo before they learn their alphabet and if we were all honest, we dream of riding a speeding bullet through the countryside.

The knowledgeable employees of The Mini Express will answer any questions you have about renting one of their beautiful electric trains for your next birthday party.  Please contact us to have all of your dreams come true.