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Why Not Book a Train for Your Child’s Wild West Birthday Party?


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trackless train rentals from October 1866, that’s when American outlaws started robbing trains while the locomotives were still in motion. The first one took place in Indiana and was committed by two daring, money hungry brothers. In the years that followed, more outlaws took up their bad habits. Among them were the James Gang, the Newton Boys, the Black Jack Ketchum Gang and The Wild Bunch. That said, why not make a Wild West fan’s special day complete by booking one of our kiddie trains for birthday parties being held in Orange, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties? During the birthday party, stage your own mock train robbery and our fun-loving conductors are sure to play along. Of course we would appreciate a “heads up” as to what you have planned. There are several children’s books that talk about trains and Wild West outlaws that could be used to hang your cowboy hat on. One of them is Emily A. McCully’s An Outlaw Thanksgiving. Designed to hold the interest of children younger than 9 years of age, it highlights the Union Pacific Railroad, train travel and the legend surrounding Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Plus, there’s an obvious tie in to the holiday and feasting. If you’re planning a party that falls well before or after Thanksgiving, don’t worry. Other books that may help are Alan Cliff’s Jack the Station Cat and the Great Little Trains Robbery and Gary VanRiper’s The Great Train Robbery. The latter is part of the author’s The Adirondack Kids Series and focuses on the Upper Hudson River Railroad. Both books are suitable for ages 6 through 8. Whichever train robbery story you choose to use during your Wild West shindig, be sure to add party favors to match. Good picks are toy sheriff’s badges, cowboy hats and birthday train bandanas. To learn more about reserving trains for birthday parties with a Wild West theme, please contact us today.