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Hello!  Once again it’s Victor,  the train driver for The Mini Express Birthday Train Rental in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. This past weekend was one with a lot of work. I had the opportunity to work in the city of Anaheim, Santa Ana and Pasadena.The events were a combination of birthday parties and an event organized by a temple in the city of Pasadena.As always, the birthday parties were full of guests and activities.  Some of the activities besides The Mini Express were pony rides for the children and a clown show.The event organized by The Temple Light of Love had many attractions for the people who attended. They had everything!  Food for all tastes, desserts of all types and it was all free to all the children who attended.It was certainly a very tiring weekend but full of happy people and joyful faces!  As I have said in the past, it was all well worth it!!  I hope you come back and read another one of my many weekend adventures. Remember that if you want to find out more about our company you can visit our website at