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All You Need to Know About Train Rentals in the Inland Empire.


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Trackless trains have become a fun and popular attraction for events of all kinds. They’re perfect for birthday parties, festivals, family reunions, and just about any other large gathering imaginable. It’s a thrill for children of all ages, and parents will love sharing the experience as well. It’s no surprise that a number of companies within the Inland Empire now offer their own trackless train services. For those of you living in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, here is everything you need to know about your available options.

Most trackless train rentals will cost you anywhere between $275 – $300 per hour, with reduced prices for each additional hour. The majority of trains in the area are gas powered and built small, mainly intended for children. Many trains are available for almost any kind of location, though certain restrictions may apply depending on the area. Some companies are limited to specific locations, which can be great if you’re stopping through but not if you’re already planning an event somewhere else.

When it comes to the quality and style of trains available, there is plenty of variety. A good many of them feature unique designs ranging from race-cars, Thomas the tank-engine, to purely original creations. As stated above, most available trains are built small for the sake of children only. Some trains may feature music or other forms of additional entertainment too. Be sure to ask about what specific features each train has to offer.

At the Mini Express, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality trackless trains in the region. We’ve been serving the Inland Empire for over ten years, and we’ve learned how to best stand out from our competition. Our trains are 100% electric, come with built-in quality sound systems, and are one-of-a-kind designed. Our customer service and reliability can’t be beaten, as we are full-time trackless train operators. Visit us here to learn more, and book us for your next event today.