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Fun Kids Party Entertainment Ideas in Southern California That Even Adults will Love!


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In recent years, entertaining kids has become more challenging due to increased screen time. In correlation, the need for kids party entertainment has decreased because kids are satisfied by just playing games on an electronic device. According to an article focused on kids and their electronic use by, kids spend two times more of their time in front of a screen than they do playing outside. Since 1995, screen time consumption in kids aged five to sixteen has increased 116% and in result, can mean a child is spending up to 90 days (or 3 months) of one year of life staring at a screen. These numbers are astounding and definitely don’t reflect the same childhood that us parents experienced.

Here in Southern California, kids party entertainment companies are striving to get kids off their devices and interacting with friends outside. There are various different kinds of kids party entertainment companies and rentals to hire to entertain your kiddos at any type of event for multiple hours. We have culminated a list of the best kids party entertainment companies to hire for your next birthday party, reunion, or any other type of event!

Best Kids Party Entertainment Ideas In Southern California

  1. Kona Ice® – Renting a Kona Ice® truck is a great way to include fun and healthy snacks at your next event. Kids are able to create their own flavor and enjoy the bliss of a sweet, healthy treat. Kona Ice® is completely mobile and can be rented for any type of event, anywhere!
  2. Karacters For Kids – Karacters For Kids is one of the most creative forms of kids party entertainment. With this company, you can rent real, live people playing a kid-famous character such as a walking mermaid or toy cowboy. You can request your most wanted performer and can also schedule other events such as face paintings or hair stylists.
  3. Best Bubble Parties – Kids and adults alike love playing and engaging with bubbles. Best Bubbles Parties offers indoor instructions as well as outdoor hands-on instructions. Shows are tailored to your requests and age group.
  4. Mobile Zoo – WIth a variety of animals and experiences offered, Mobile Zoo is a kids party entertainment company that will entertain all kids of all ages. There are many different party options to choose from including a normal petting zoo or even an exotic bird show. Your kids would never have a dull moment with this company!
  5. Comedy Party Magician – Doug the magician includes magic, music, and more into every performance. Kids don’t just love him, parents do too! This kids party entertainment will leave your entire party speechless and wanting more.
  6. Face Paintings – The owner, Cynnamon, is very professional and offers many services to compliment intricate face painting such as balloon twisting and photo booth rentals. This could be an all-day experience or just an hour-long experience for your children.
  7. Twist & Shout – Twist & Shout is a kids party entertainment company that really does offer a little bit of everything for your kiddo. The main event, balloon twisting, can be perfectly combined with the other services offered such as glitter tattoos, hair braiding, and building sand castles. Mix and match all of these services to have the perfect kids party!
  8. So Cal Bounce – So Cal Bounce has every type of bouncy house and water slide that you can imagine. If you want a great way to let your kid enjoy being outside, rent one (or all) of these bouncy playgrounds and watch them go crazy. It is also worth mentioning these houses are very clean and safe for kids of all ages.
  9. My Video Game Truck – If nothing appeals to your child besides video games and television screens, don’t worry, you can still get them outside and active. Rolling video games is a mobile video game truck that specializes in a new and innovative form of kids party entertainment. This company focuses more on multiplayer level games and ensures your kid will have involvement with something they would otherwise be doing by themselves indoors.

The Mini Express: The Best Kids Party Entertainment To Match With Them All

At The Mini Express, our trackless trains compliment each and every one of the beforehand mentioned kids party entertainment companies. (You can see some of the fun in our photo and video galleries!)

We highly encourage hiring local businesses for any event or party, especially if kids enjoy the activities and it gets them to be active! Imagine your kid’s next party with a Mini Express train circling the party site with face painting, magic shows, and a petting zoo in every corner… talk about having their own carnival!
If you’re interested in supplying your kids with our source of outdoor, safe, and fun kids party entertainment, feel free to contact us with any questions! You can also read our FAQs, customer testimonials, and book a trackless train rental today!