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4th Of July Party Ideas For You & Your Family


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The 4th Of July is the perfect excuse to throw a fun, outdoor, family-friendly party to celebrate America. However, sometimes you need specific 4th Of July party ideas to make your party a big hit and help accommodate everyone who attends… even your kids! The biggest mistake people make when planning a holiday party for the family is they fail to take into consideration the little ones who may get bored with good food and creative decorations. Discover step-by-step perfect 4th of July party ideas that will keep your kids entertained and your adults happy!

4th of July Party Ideas

4th Of July Party Ideas: Invitations

“Make sure you get your Evite invitation seen by sending it via text message. It’s summer now, and some people are less actively checking their email. Sending it through text makes sure you get that headcount you want as soon as possible.”

– Julian Clark, Evite Party Specialist

Whether your 4th of July party is for your entire block, family and friends, or coworkers and their families (or a little medley of it all!), it is always exciting to receive a thoughtful invitation with details of the party. We know you would rather spend money on entertainment and food, so that is why we love the idea of sending an Evite invitation! is an excellent, free, easy-to-use service that helps you create digital invitations to bring your friends together. The only work you have to do is gather email addresses and phone numbers for your guest list, then Evite does the rest!

Evite offers digital invitation templates that can be sent to your guest list via email OR text message. Julian Clark, an Evite Party Specialist, reminds us to use the text message feature, especially in the summer, to receive a head count faster because people do not check their emails as religiously in the summer months. This can save you energy in trying to round up your RSVPs in the last party-planning moments before your 4th of July party. Check out some of our favorite 4th of July Evite invitation templates below.

Also, an awesome feature on is the What To Bring list. Here, you can list items so that guests can contribute to the party-hosting fun and also relieve some responsibilities for yourself. Piera Pizzo, another Evite Party Specialist, says that “Most guests want to contribute, and there’s nothing wrong with letting them know what you need up front. Work together and let people sign up for items at their convenience through your Evite invitation’s What to Bring list. Necessities like ice are just easier for a guest to pick up on the way”.

To use these party-themed digital invitations, view Evite’s free selection of their 4th of July specific templates online and start creating your own invitation.

4th Of July Party Ideas: Treats

“Kona Ice is perfect for a hot Summer day because the shaved ice satisfies your thirst, and is also a healthier substitute for other common treats like ice cream or milkshakes. If you rent a Kona Ice truck for your party, the combination of mouth-watering flavors are endless, which really gives a personal touch to any event. Kids and adults will both enjoy it!”

– Jesse Nava, Local Kona Ice® Owner

Invitations are a great way to get the adults on your guest list involved. However, 4th of July-themed treats are what the kids at your party will appreciate the most. What can make a hot, summer party better? A nice, cold treat from Kona Ice® will quench your kids thirst while adding fun and tastefulness to your 4th of July party.

As local Kona Ice® Owner, Jesse Nava previously mentioned, Kona Ice® is a great treat for kids and adults. Also, if you’re feeling particularly in the 4th of July spirit, you can always customize your flavors and colors to correspond with red, white, and blue! Renting a Kona Ice® truck is not just perfect for a 4th of July party, but great for any day to help cool off. For more about Kona Ice®, watch this short video below:

4th Of July Party Ideas: Decorations

We all know that decorations can really make or break your party. The more decorations there are, the more likely your guests will be in the 4th of July party spirit! We also know that decorations can be the most costly part of any party. However, we have just the place to buy all of your decorations at a cost-saving price: Target. See our favorite Target decorations that should be incorporated for every 4th of July Party Idea.

1. This Large American Flag Metal Bin is only $6 on It is perfect for holding wrapped silverware, sparklers, party favors, or even just great for a centerpiece!

2. Eating supplies can also be a great way to casually incorporate 4th of July-themed decorations in your party. Check out this 81 count Patriotic Glory Party Supplies Kit that supplies all the essentials and serves 8 people. In a blog about 4th of July party ideas, Camille Styles (Target’s Entertaining Guru Extraordinaire) tells party hosts to “Embrace the casual nature of a summer gathering and keep things simple. Use disposable dinner and serveware in fun patterns to make clean-up a breeze.” Target’s supplies kits are a great way to make the clean-up part of hosting a party easier!

3. One of the greatest interactive decoration pieces for any party is a photo booth! Check out this 4th of July Photo Booth Paper Shape Kit for only $5. This is a great and cheap way to ensure people of all ages at your party feel included and have a great experience. Also, you can create a hashtag for your specific party and have all posted photos in one place! How neat to see all the fun your guests had at your party?

For more 4th of July party decoration ideas, browse Target’s entire Patriotic collection online.

4th Of July Party Ideas: Entertainment

The 4th of July is all about fireworks, sparklers, and celebrating America’s independence as loud as we can. However, if you have smaller children who are too young to handle the sparklers and bottle rockets, we know just the thing to keep them entertained and avoid them feeling “out of the loop.” The Mini Express is a great solution for kids entertainment! The Mini Express is safe, affordable, and most importantly, kid-friendly. We cater to any public or private event where big crowds are expected.

We have a list of other reasons why The Mini Express is perfect for your children when celebrating such an exciting event:

  1. Our units are 100% electric. Other competitors use gasoline-powered lawn mower tractors to pull their train. Our trains don’t just care about your kids, but we care about the environment they are growing up in!
  2. We use a top of the line sound system that plays your child’s favorite songs. With our competitor’s lawn mower tractor, the only thing you can hear is the noise from the engine. Our music even gets the parents involved!
  3. Our design is 100% customized and made by professional engineers exclusively for The Mini Express. Most of our competitors’ trains are built in their backyard, not only making them not as appealing, but discrediting the safety of the train itself.
  4. Our conductors come dressed to the fullest to enhance the experience for your kids. If you rely on another trackless train rental company, chances are, the conductor will come dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. We pride ourselves in making your kids believe they are on a real, live train journey.

If you’re planning on having an Independence Day celebration and you need some 4th of July party ideas for invitations, food, decorations, and entertainment, we hope our suggestions have helped! Contact us today to rent a Mini Express Trackless Train and bring fun and excitement for your kiddos.