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3 Reasons to Rent a Trackless Train for Your Community Easter Egg Hunt


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As spring approaches, you start to see all the pastel colored candy and plastic eggs in the stores. For those involved in community Easter Egg hunts, it means it’s time to get ready. Many towns, cities, schools, churches, and other groups organize these events on an annual basis, but if you’re looking for something new this year, consider 3 reasons why a trackless train rental might be what you’re looking for.

  1. You need to add something to breathe new life into the event. Organizations who offer an Easter Egg hunt year after year might see a decline in attendance if it’s always the same. A new feature will ensure your usual attendees come out, and will attract new families too.
  2. Volunteers are too busy to come up with extra activities. You may want to add in games or some other activities to keep kids entertained, but the Easter egg hunt itself is a huge undertaking. It takes a lot of hours to promote the event, stuff thousands of eggs, and then keep things organized on the big day. Renting a train will provide entertainment without having to find extra people to help. We bring the train, provide the conductor, and all you have to do is enjoy seeing the smile on the kids’ faces as they enjoy our fun, safe train ride.
  3. Who wouldn’t want to take a ride with the Easter Bunny? No Easter Egg hunt would be complete without a visit from the iconic figure. Kids love to wave to him, shake his hand, and maybe even sit on his lap, but wouldn’t taking a ride on the train with the Easter Bunny be even better?

If you’re in Orange County or the Los Angeles area and responsible for planning an Easter egg hunt, a trackless train would be a great addition to your event. For more information, contact us.