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3 Tips for Planning a Winter Birthday Train Party


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shop at dos lagos trackless train rental Does your child’s birthday fall during the winter months? Do you often find yourself combining his or her birthday with a Christmas theme? If so, why not take a new route this year and host a birthday train party. A birthday train party is just as much fun now as it is during the rest of year. All you have to do is reserve the train as soon as possible and add a bit of seasonal flair. Here are three tips in that regard: Birthday Train Party Tip #1: Pick a Winter Destination Start by picking a wintry destination as part of your party’s theme. Excellent options include Alaska, Norway, Iceland and Russia. Once you have your destination in mind, create train tickets using snowflake cut-outs and glitter. You may also want to invest in a snow machine and wintry decorations. Birthday Train Party Tip #2: Create Edible Snow Centerpieces Next, think about creating edible snow centerpieces that include a trackless train and elements that are associated with your chosen destination. For example, you could use king salmon, polar bears and caribou for an Alaskan train scene. If you have never made edible snow before, you can find a recipe posted on the Iced Jems website. Birthday Train Party Tip #3: Winter Train Hats & Scarves While you are in a creative frame of mind, why not make winter train hats and scarves to give to the kids as party favors? They could wear them while riding around on our trackless trains. Should you need one, there is a free crochet pattern for a Thomas the Tank Engine style hat posted on the Ambassador Crochet website. For more birthday train party planning tips, please contact us at The Mini Express. We presently provide trackless train rentals to Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino County residents for a reasonable fee. It should also be noted that each birthday party train comes with its own conductor.