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5 Amazing Train Party Favors


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No party is complete without party favors, and sending guests home without a goodie bag will most certainly lead to some disappointed children. Therefore, it is best to stock up on some awesome train-themed favors before your child’s train party.

Fortunately, there are a good number of pretty cool train party favors out there. Below we have listed our top five favorites:

Conductor Hats — What kid doesn’t want to be a train conductor? With these adorable train conductor-style hats, all of your party guests can try their hand at driving a train.

Train Whistles — Of course, no train game is complete without the sound of a train roaring down the tracks. Luckily, this train whistle will solve that problem.

Train Cups — Why not let one of your favors do double duty? Serve up everyone’s party punch in these super cute cups, and then send the cups home with guests when the party ends.

Train Lollipops — Every great goodie bag includes some kind of candy. That said, not every goodie bag contains candy that matches the theme of the party. Complete your set of favors with these sweet little lollipops that everyone is sure to love.

Railroad Bags — Sending all of this stuff home with each child will be pretty difficult if you don’t have something to put it all in. Take care of that issue with these fun and reusable railroad-themed bags.

With your train-themed favors on their way, you will want to make sure the highlight of your party is ready to go as well. Be sure to contact us and schedule your party train today!