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5 August Business Promotions to Pair with Party Trains


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trackless train rentals in los angeles county With August on the road ahead, it’s time to break out the promotional calendar and get busy planning your company’s end-of-summer events. If your firms’ locations are in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino Counties, a party train is sure to make the perfect addition to all of the following August events: American Adventures Month For example, what better way to celebrate the joys of travel than hosting a train party complete with hobo sacks? In our opinion, it would be a great promotion for all travel agencies, RV dealers, hotels and convention visitors’ centers hoping to attract families. And the hobo sacks are extremely easy to make. Directions for putting together really stylish ones are available through Dana Made It and Saltwater Kids. Get Ready for Kindergarten Month Since it’s also Get Ready for Kindergarten Month, a train party featuring paper bag backpacks filled with school supply offers would undoubtedly work well for retailers too. To make the paper bag backpacks, you’ll want to download the free patterns available through sites like Danielle’s Place  andDLTK’s Crafts for Kids. National Kids’ Day (3rd) National Kids’ Day also happens to fall in the beginning of August. So you may want to factor that into your company’s train party plans as well. The list of superb places to consider hosting such Kids’ Day events includes daycare centers, national parks, preschools and community playgrounds. Knights of Columbus Family Week (3rd through the 9th) If you have a Knights of Columbus group in your area, partnering with them during their annual family week celebrations might be a good idea too. You could volunteer to provide the party train and have your staff hand out balloons either before or after the kids take a ride. National Bargain Hunting Week (4th through the 10th) Lastly, National Bargain Hunting Week also takes place in August. Therefore, throwing a train party to bring in shoppers would be a wise move. And remember, our party trains are ideal for both indoor and outdoor promotions. So it doesn’t matter if you want to hold it inside of the mall or outside in the parking lot. Either way, our party train rental company has you covered. To learn more about renting a party train in August, please contact us at The Mini Express.