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5 Great Songs to Play for the Kids During Birthday Train Rides


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trackless train rental in riverside and the inland empire At The Mini Express, we love helping families plan the perfect birthday train ride. That’s one of the reasons why we make it a point to provide high quality, trackless train rentals complete with dapper, professional conductors. Of course we also tend to field a lot of questions about great party songs too. So today we wanted to provide our list of five great tunes to play during birthday train rides: #1: Birthday Train Song Chug-a-lugging in at the number one spot is the classic Birthday Train Song. It features a lot of repeated phrases. As such, the kids tend to have no problems singing along to it. You can typically find a copy of the song’s lyrics, sheet music and a MP3 file posted on the Nancy Music website. #2: Old MacDonald Had a Train Next on our list is James Coffey’s catchy tune, Old MacDonald Had a Train. Like the first song on our list, it should be easy for the kids to remember and sing during their birthday train rides. A copy of it is available on his Come Ride Along With Me album. We should also note that the CD features other train songs as well. #3: I’ve Been Working on the Railroad Pulling into the number three spot is the old folk song, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad. First appearing in the late 1920s, the song has been recorded by many artists. So you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a copy in time for your children’s birthday train rides. #4: I’m a Choo Choo Train Our fourth pick is perfect for those occasions when you’ve got the kids waiting for the birthday train rides to start. It’s called I’m a Choo Choo Train. The song was written by Sam Jones and talks about the importance of being patient. At present, it is available on his CD titled Puppy Dog Blues. #5: The Wabash Cannonball Lastly, you may want to play The Wabash Cannonball for the kids’ birthday train rides as well. The lyrics may be too complicated for them to sing along. However, the tune itself is up tempo and fun to listen to during train rides. Those are just five songs to consider playing at your child’s birthday train party. To secure your trackless train rental and pick up a few more ideas, please contact us at (714) 404-1894. Our birthday train rides are presently available in California’s San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties.