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5 July Holidays Businesses May Want to Celebrate with Train Party Rentals


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party train rentals in los angeles county Each July, there are more observances to celebrate in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange Counties besides Independence Day. And many of them would pair well with train party rentals from The Mini Express. So to help all of the business men and women out there plan their summer promotions, we wanted to highlight five of our favorites: 1.) Independent Retailer Month Tops on our list of July holidays is Independent Retailer Month. It’s designed to draw attention to hometown businesses and their importance to communities. That’s what makes it pair perfectly with our train party rentals. Our trackless trains could be set-up near local businesses and rides could be given to community members as a sign of appreciation and camaraderie. 2.) National Make a Difference to Children Month Businesses that focus on children and families may want to use train party rentals to celebrate National Make a Difference to Children Month too. Because it is such a broad holiday, our electric train rentals could be utilized in several ways. For example, mentoring groups could use the trains to draw attention to their programs. Other groups, like child psychologists, pediatricians, summer camps and preschool teachers could host train parties for families too. 3.) National Baby Food Festival July also marks the return of the National Baby Food Festival. It’s held every year to help highlight the importance of childhood nutrition. So groups concerned with that topic may want to secure train party rentals and hold a special event as well. Examples of events that would pair well with the topic are childcare expos, baby food making workshops, farmer’s markets, WIC and food stamp awareness blitzes. 4.) National Cord Blood Awareness Month While we are on the topic of children, train party rentals would make great additions to National Cord Blood Awareness Month events. The events are typically held to promote the importance of storing and donating umbilical cord blood. As such, it would be a perfect promotional event for medical facilities, pediatricians and groups that deal with genetic disorders. 5.) National Parenting Gifted Children Week Last on our list is National Parenting Gifted Children Week. It would fit hand and glove with train party rentals too. The annual weekly event, as you might have guessed, is geared towards special children and their families. So we envision our trackless trains being used at locations like schools, libraries, camps, book stores and other places that focus on learning. To learn more about booking party train rentals for July events, please contact us at The Mini Express. Train party rentals may be made online or by calling (714) 404-1894.