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5 Train Party Themes Preschoolers Will Love


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Preschoolers all over the world are fascinated with trains, and really, who can blame them? Trains are pretty awesome.

Considering the young child’s love of trains, it comes as no surprise that there are dozens of children’s books, movies, and TV shows that revolve entirely around trains. This can often leave parents wondering which train theme would be best for their child’s party. After all, choosing a great theme is the first step on the road to hosting a fantastic celebration.

If you are having trouble picking a theme for your little one’s upcoming birthday party, consider the options below. We are sure one of these would be the ideal choice for your child’s party theme.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Perhaps the most famous of all the train books and shows, Thomas the Tank Engine is a favorite in households all over the country. If your preschooler is obsessed with this fun train-centered television show, you may have just found the perfect train theme for their party.


Disney’s response to the popular Thomas show, Chuggington is another favorite for young children. This show features fun, colorful characters and simple storylines that are perfect for 2–5 year olds everywhere. This theme would be great for anyone looking for a burst of color at their celebration.

Dinosaur Train

The show Dinosaur Train is pure genius. After all, how could a show that combines dinosaurs, trains, and education not be popular? Dinosaur Train is an ideal party theme for kids who love both trains and dinosaurs. This theme offers potential for a wide variety of crafts and games, making it extra fun for slightly older children.

The Polar Express

The perfect theme for a wintertime train party, The Polar Express is a beautifully illustrated children’s book, as well as a gorgeous animated movie. This theme is a great option for those looking to promote the magic of the holiday season or incorporate the beauty of winter into their celebration.

The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could is a classic children’s book (and wonderful bedtime story) with a good, strong moral that every child should be introduced to. The circus train theme in this book makes for a variety of activity options, making this an awesome party theme idea.

Obviously, a train-themed birthday party simply must boast a kids’ party train. If you are planning a train party for your little one, be sure to contact us today in order to ensure you have a high-quality train ride to offer your guests when party day arrives.