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Adorable Snacks for Your Child’s Train Birthday Party


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Your child has loved trains ever since you can remember. We can see why, trains are big, fast and noisy in the way kids love. We all have fun childhood memories of counting train cars and waving to the engineer or the man hanging off the caboose.

If you’ve decided to give your child an exciting train birthday party that they will never forget, we’re excited to help. Our trackless train rentals are perfect for birthday parties, because our colorful trains provide hours of entertainment. Plus, they’re electric so you can set it up anywhere without worrying about exhaust, and they’re practically silent, so parents don’t have to worry about shouting over the sound of the trains, and kids can make their own chugga-chugga-choo-choo sounds to their heart’s content.

Once you have the fun figured out with the train rental for limitless rides during the party, it’s time to plan everyone’s other favorite party element: the food!  Here are a few of our favorite train-inspired snacks and treats.

  • A Fruit Train – Kids love fruit, and you can feel good about this healthy party snack. You simply construct train cars out of healthy pastry, and fill them with brightly colored fruit, using banana slices for wheels. The bright colors of the fruit will match the bright colors of our trains.
  • Graham Cracker Train – These graham cracker trains are so easy to make, the kids can put them together themselves as a fun activity during the party. This example uses candy for the wheels, but you could also use small cookies like mini Oreos.
  • Train Shaped Sandwiches – As a parent, you’re already an expert at cutting the crust off of sandwiches. It’s not much more difficult to cut those sandwiches into a cute train engine shape. Or save yourself some time and effort by purchasing a sandwich cutter that will turn each sandwich you make into two, perfectly shaped train engines.

For more information on renting a party train in California, please contact us.